Art for Armenia

Art for Armenia is a Plexus Gallery Online Exhibition to raise funds for the children and families affected by the current crisis in Artsakh.

17th October – 15th November

Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh) is a small independent region connected to Armenia, bordering Azerbaijan and Iran. Armenians have been indigenous to this area since the 5th Century BC.

On 27th September, Azerbaijan, with Turkish military support, launched a large-scale and planned attack on Armenian republic of Artsakh. Armenians in Artsakh and Armenia, vastly outnumbered by the aggressors, are fighting today on their own for their right to live in their indigenous lands and exist as a nation.

In response to Armenia’s current situation, Brisbane based Plexus Gallery and Northern NSW artist Joanna Kambourian have initiated this online exhibition featuring both Australian and international artists, who have generously donated artwork in support.

The exhibition comprises artwork by Billy Shannon (Brisbane), Sona Babajanyan (Brisbane), Joanna Kambourian (NSW), Belinda Sinclair (Brisbane), Meredith Macleod (Brisbane), Dorota Lagida-Ostling (USA), Anna Kalachyan (USA), Suzon Fux (Brisbane), Lisa Kurtz (Brisbane), Miranda Costa (Melbourne), Nicole Barakat (NSW), Kareen Adam (Melbourne), Wayne Churcher (NZ), Rona Green (VIC) and many more!

You can view and purchase directly from the online catalogue of artworks at plexusgallery.com/art-for-armenia– the funds raised from artwork sales will be going directly to kovcasp.org, to support the most vulnerable and displaced families by providing them with much-needed support.

This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire artworks from both acclaimed and emerging artists whilst contributing your support to those affected by the conflict.

UPDATE: HUGE THANKS to everyone who contributed to our “Art for Armenia” fundraiser show!

Thanks to our generous artists and supporters around the world “Plexus Gallery” raised more than $3000 AUD, waiting for the last-moments purchases to be confirmed and the payments go through. After the completion all funds will be donated to the fund, aiming to help families of the soldiers who lost their lives in this genocidal war.

These are very dark and difficult days for Armenians – abandoned by the rest of the world, after more than 40 days they were fighting against the combined forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey and mercenary jihadists, trying to protect their right to live in their homes on their ancestral land. Newly signed so-called ‘peace deal’, brokered by Putin and Erdogan, effectively gives Azerbaijan ¾ of Artsakh territory. Thousands of young lives perished, more than 100,000 people left without a home, job, income, school, any kind of security, or hope. An entire infrastructure has been blown up, schools and hospitals have been destroyed. Forests are still burning with phosphorus. Numerous unique millennia-old Armenian monuments to be left behind, facing the danger of cultural erasure.

We realise that the amount we have raised is just a drop in a sea. However, every single drop is precious today. Even if we could help just one family, just one orphaned kid, our efforts were not in vain.