Artists’ Books & Multiples

[no_blockquote text=”“Artists’ books are not books about art. They are artworks in the book format. However, some of the artists’ books in this exhibition bear little resemblance to the traditional book. From the exceptionally large to the surprisingly small, the artists’ books and multiples on display from the Centre for the Artist Book (grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane) highlight the interest both artists and viewers have for this medium.“” show_border=”yes” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Artists’ Books & Multiples is a selection of works from the collection of grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane.


Work by Darren will be on display at this upcoming exhibition, in a collection featuring internationally recognised artists, at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery – Amos Gallery


Exhibition is on show at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery {Amos Gallery}


From Saturday 16 May 2015
To Sunday 28 June 2015


Alfredo Alcain        Joseph Beuys        Christian Boltanski        Darren Bryant        Jan Davis

Marcello Diotallevi        Sue Ford         Fiona Fraser         Gilbert & George

Dan Graham          Noreen Grahame         Juli Haas         Jenny Holzer          Robert Jacks

Warja Lavater      Peter Lyssiotis              Robert Macpherson               Ron McBurnie

Bea Maddock        Jennifer Marshall        Milan Milojevic       Colin Reaney        Dieter Roth

Michael Schlitz       Kurt Schwitters         Ken Searle          Alex Selenitsch    Glen Skien

Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper               Stephen Spurrier               Madonna Staunton

Richard Tipping             Jonathan Tse       Henriëtte van Egten

Erica van Horn and Simon Cutts           Jan Voss          Judy Watson        Normana Wight