Decks for Change

Decks for Change is a charity focused design competition aimed at giving exposure to current social, political and environmental issues to inspire change.


Decks for Change has 3 core focuses:
1. To create awareness of important issues through skate art
2. To celebrate artists that contribute to the skateboarding community
3. To raise funds for community-focussed projects that empower humans through skateboarding


Their mission is to change the world by doing epic shit through design and skateboarding by holding skate art competitions, exhibitions, workshops & auctions to raise money for skate parks and skate schools in developing countries.


I submitted one of my board designs to the comp and it will be on show in both the Melb & Bris exhibitions.

My deck was created to celebrate my Armenian cultural heritage – as a first generation Australian living in regional Australia I have often experienced a lack of understanding for the migrant experience.


My design expresses a contemporary manifestation of the culture from which I originate. Many Australians live between two worlds and this deck celebrates and highlights the diversity of multicultural and migrant Australians and hopefully encourages people to begin a conversation about the differences and similarities between us all, I believe that to promote more acceptance and understanding we need to connect with each other and learn about each others cultures and share our stories!

This is my flying carpet.