Dodgy Paper

These ladies found their way onto Dodgy Paper and into the Dodgy Art Show #2 at The Stockroom Melbourne alongside almost 200 works by artists also on Dodgy Paper…soooo Dodgy, soooo Good!

It’s really nice paper, and holds a screen print rather well, all their paper is made from recycled and repurposed paper sources.

The works are now sold and I hope the gals are happy in their new home 🙂 Here’s more info about the event….

“Dodgy Paper is made by Artists for Artists right here in Melbourne at The Artshole Studios. We’ve been making paper for around 6 months now, so we thought its time again to see what can be created using it.

We invited a bunch of local and international artists, creatives, makers and all round dodgy people to create works on our hand-made sheets of recycled paper. We’ve been amazed seeing works that have been created for the exhibition, showing us that dodgy paper doesn’t have to be so dodgy after all.”

Come and experience over 80 artists showcase the diverse usage of this beautifully hand crafted product, purchase an artwork or a dodgy sample pack to experiment with yourself.

Official opening and drinks Friday 29th September from 5-8pm.

Show runs from the 27th September till the 8th October
@ The Stockroom

Find out more about Dodgy Paper and follow them here…