Ms Browns Lounge | Mixed Tape Club!
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Mixed Tape Club!

Mixed Tape Club is about memories associated with the songs from our personal history.


This awesome zine is curated by Emily Glover (@strawberrymilklady) and you can buy it HERE or from Junky Comics in Brisbane!


Featured artists include Anne Stalinski, Amelia Giller, Emily Glover, Marta Oktoba, Yippywhippy, Emma Capetown, Joanna Kambourian, Lisa Koesterke, Emily Nelson, Cass Urquart, Carissa Potter Carlson, Aidan Ryan, Pey Chi, Carla McRae, Matthew Wong, Onion Peterman, Lindsay Stripling, Andres Gallego, Olivia Grbac, Joey Pasko, Emily Taylor, Lisa Junius and Takuro Takagi.


Each artist chose a song that is attatched to a certain memory or emotion. This song was then used as a stimulis to create work for Mixed Tape Club. A collection of memories, thoughts and drawings about the songs from our past.

The work I submitted for the zine is a homage to a drawing by Peter Max who drew on a napkin for my dad while they were at dinner in London in the 60s – it reminds me of Lucy in sky with Diamonds and consequently Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles, which my Dad and I used to listen to – I still have the record and I still have the napkin work framed, the stains have yellowed nicely with age.