‘…mutual muses, creative co-pilots…’

“CO_The Creative Couples Project will be a book featuring eclectic, creative couples living in Australia. Couples who define what it means to live creatively and push the boundaries…. these duos typify what creative couples do; inspire and support each other. They are mutual muses, creative co-pilots and a force to be reckoned with. CO_The Creative Couples Project is about contemporary couples who refuse to be pinned down to accepted roles, who defy preconceived gender, career or relationship stereotypes to live truly creative lives. They are works in progress, living art… We want to share them with you…” CO_The Creative Couples Project is a collaboration project between Cecile Knight and Belinda Raposo.

Cecile & Belinda are a dynamic creative duo themselves, we met them through a call out for creative couples we came across somewhere on social networking. We were delighted when they relocated to the Northern Rivers and have found ourselves a part of their collaborative journey, the CO_Creative Couples Project. This is a project initiated by these amazing ladies who are on a journey to write, celebrate and document the lives of creative couples…!

They are currently running a Pozible campaign to help them move the project forward and are offering some lovely rewards, plus the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re supporting a fantastic and exciting creative project! It’s been an interesting idea to actually interrogate the concept of being a ‘creative’ couple as for us it was something that happened naturally and we have had to look at this idea and actually think about the reasons why we have a creative lifestyle, why we chose a partner who reflects this and what it means in the landscape of the lives we live, build and create around us.

The ways us humans can bond over things that we are truly passionate about, allows us to co-operate and put energy into building things in our lives we may not have the drive or commitment to if we didn’t have the support of another creative individual (or more!) Belinda & Cecile are putting so much love, creativity and their own talent into documenting and telling the stories from a wide range of amazing creative couples (more amazing than us even 😉 haha) and are currently running a fantastic Pozible campaign to assist in their venture, offering lovely rewards and the promise of an engaging and beautifully crafted book sharing their journey and that of the couples they feature.

We are totally honoured to be a part of their project, and excited (perhaps nervous as well) to embark on the process of consciously exploring what it means to us to be a creative couple with others who are also dedicated to living their creative dreams! You can check out their Pozible Campaign (and pledge!!) here…and you can follow their blog here. or find the CO_CreativeCouples Project on Facebook