Spitagkidzn (White Line)

Joanna Kambourian

Digital prints, digital heat transfer, color etching and silkscreen printing


Coney Island, Baby!
Seventh Street Allentown PA
E Pluribus Unum
Bear Mountain
I <3 NY
Istanbul, Not Constantinople
Urban Font (A)


72 x 20 cm




A series of works called “Spitagkidzn (White Line)

These works are made up from original Photographs I took in New York 2006, overlaid with text from family members postcards, sent to relatives already in the USA while they were making the journey from Turkey and Armenia to America with the hope for a better life. The patterns are taken from the domestic environments of my relatives featuring both etching and serigraph details.

The text is poignant and speaks about the human spirit and its resilience – but also about the importance of family, culture, support and love within that belonging. Knowing where you come from is as important as knowing where you are going to.

This image features the water fountain on the beach at Coney Island, Brooklyn. I didn’t really get it until I went back in summer and – OH OK – spraying water out of the top of the Palm Tree! Now it all makes sense….

Lost in Translation