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Serigraph (9 colours)

Joanna Kambourian & Darren Bryant

Edition of 100

a portion or section of a written work;
a paragraph, verse…
an area, section, or detail of a work…
an act or instance of passing from one place
or condition to another; transit….
the permission, right, or freedom to pass…
the privilege of conveyance as a passenger…
a lapse or passing, as of time…
a progress or course, as of events…
an interchange of communications,
confidences between persons…

part of the Bookmarks: infiltrating the Library system project at the CFPR Bristol

(click here for more on the project)

Bookmarks V : Infiltrating: Japan, UK, Poland, USA, Croatia and New Zealand
September 2007 – February 2008

“The Bookmarks projects series aim is to encourage appreciation of work in the format of the artist’s book. Participating artists each hand-produce an edition of 100 signed and numbered bookmarks to give away through distribution boxes at venues around the world. Each bookmark has the website address which brings visitors to the gallery of artworks online.

Bookmarks V has seen 45 artists contributing 4500 bookmarks from the UK, Ireland, USA, Denmark, Australia and Canada. 100 of the bookmarks have come from a collaborative project by National Diploma in Art and Design students at Colchester School of Art, Colchester Institute, Essex, UK (co-ordinated by Mel Donohoe).

Other collaborative Bookmarks in Part V include: Mette Ambeck and Mike Nicholson in the UK and Denmark; Tania Murray and John Nelson, and Joanna Kambourian and Darren Bryant, in Australia.”


Collaboration, Screenprints