Rabbit Behind Rocks
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Rabbit Behind Rocks

Darren Bryant

14 tubular woven plastic panels with spray painted toy soldiers

94cm x 57cm x 8cm (L x W x H)


Installed in The Little Window of Opportunity Port Jackson Press

‘Rabbit behind rocks’, is the title to a new body of work investigating ideas surrounding social, cultural and historically inherited gender stereotypes formed in childhood, through play. The title comes from a colloquial name when referring to a particular disruptive pattern camouflage used by Australian Military Forces and makes the connection between innocent play and war games.


Past works have explored the familiar landscapes of childhood, family and the everyday. This new work is inspired by and sourced from vintage toys, games, and models, holding reference to childhood from my own collection and objects I find. My work tries to question the social norms connected to accepted or expected expressions of identity.