Ripples/Reflections (ալիքներ/արտացոլում)


Serigraph Monoprints on Magnani Pescia 300gsm

Unique State Artists Book, accordion folded in custom made solander box.

21cm x 15.5cm x 6cm

Made on Bundjalung Country



The Child and the Water

– Which mountain are you coming from?

My cold water, my sweet water…

– I’m coming through the darkness

From the old snow-covered mountain.

– Which brook are you flowing to?

My cold water, my sweet water:

– I’m flowing to the brook happily and freely.
The shores of which are filled with roses and lilies.

Hovhannes Toumanian

Armenian Poem translated to English from The Chitjian Foundation


The Child and The Water by Hovhannes Toumanian (from chitjian.com)