when I grow up I want to be.. (Vol.1)
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when I grow up I want to be.. (Vol.1)

Darren Bryant

Unique popup artist book containing pencil and collage

18.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 cm (L x W x H)


Part of the exhibition ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ at the 13th International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair, University of Leeds

“Accordions can fold in many ways, making interesting page folds and pockets for you the audience to draw, write, add, re-organize, or change. These pockets can be used to store bits of paper, making for an interesting instant book: A depository for exquisite corpse collaboration.


Exquisite corpse (devised by the surrealists) is a technique used for producing visual or literary art in which several people collaborate in creating a text or an image. Based on old parlor games in which players take turns writing on a sheet of folded paper, concealing part of the writing. Similar visual games can be conducted individually or collaboratively using collage and book folds. Feel free to draw, write, add, re-organize, or just turn the pages.”