Ms Browns Lounge | See Me as the Missing Parts
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See Me as the Missing Parts

Let this be internalised:
I am not being eliminated
or erased
because I resist
the eradication of my self
upon contact with others
who do not re-
cognize me.

BaՎakan – On Refusing to be a Border


Borders are violently made. What is together is rendered apart. Metaphorically speaking, I exist in the borderlands; I spend my time sifting through this debris. I take the pieces I find that I recognise and I fit them together in the present sense. 


Somehow they never have lost their inherent pattern. As I piece these fragments back together I discover what they once were still has a presence and is still recognizable –despite being reconfigured irrationally, I reassure myself, I can still make sense out of the chaos, and bring the past into present sense. 

No Comply Gallery, 6 Laurel St, Toowoomba
Opening night held Friday 18th November, 7 – 9PM
Cash bar with support from Stone & Wood Brewing.

Exhibition is on show from 7th – 26th November, 2016.


‘See me as the Missing Parts’ is a collection of recent works by me (Jo) that continue an ongoing theme of uncovering and exploring a multi-cultural heritage and hybridity from a contemporary perspective.


Through a variety of mediums, digital prints, screenprints, and 3D works, ‘See me as the Missing Parts’ explores motifs, imagery, ideas and crafts typically from Armenian Culture; re-represented in a more familiar, current context.


Weaving, craft and graphic patterns feature strongly in my recent works, alongside stories of imagined ‘heroines’ from Armenian Folklore, are told through re-appropriated images, deliberately obscured, concealed and distorted.


The exhibition title ‘See me as the Missing Parts’, has been borrowed from the text, ‘On Refusing to Be a Border’ written by BaՎakan of the The Hye-Phen Collective. “See me as the missing parts of the mosaic, I am scattered among you, everywhere.” – BaՎakan

This latest body of work continues to document an ongoing journey, a search for identity and belonging from a multicultural perspective that crosses generations and encompasses the diasporic experience. Her work illustrates this complex heritage through a multi disciplinary practice.