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Limited edition letterpress print with orange foil detail.

Limited edition letterpress print with foil detail.


We had this wall of art and photographs my Dad put together of all his favourite works in our home growing up.
It rotated as things were added etc, but there was one that was always there.
A letterpress printed piece, in a small frame just one word in a sans serif font…wish I could remember what it was…
but the word was…

So anytime Dad wanted us kids to be silent, he would point at this, and stare at us…

not sure it worked, but I’ll never forget it…

from the collection, Sage Advice (wisdom of an Ad man)

Original hand-lettered text, edition of 25.

Printed on Spicers 300gsm by Watermarx Sydney.

Signed JK, Numbered with studio chop mark
29.7x21cm (A4)