Maybe he’s right?

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Limited edition letterpress print with orange foil detail.

Limited edition letterpress print with foil detail.

“Maybe he’s right?”

This one was accompanied by a story of a guy Dad used to work with who annoyed him a great deal, apparently he annoyed everyone a great deal with his opinions and ego….

He became somewhat nicer and more able to hear other’s POV’s and Dad noticed he had a piece of paper in his pocket that he continually looked at whilst in conversation…

Dad asked, what the hell is so important on this piece of paper…
the guy showed him, it said, ‘maybe he’s right?’

this became kinda a moral tale to tell us kids, that no matter how right we think we might be, maybe someone else is…too…maybe, perhaps…yea… 😉

Original hand-lettered text, edition of 25.

Printed on Spicers 300gsm by Watermarx Sydney.

Signed JK, Numbered with studio chop mark
29.7x21cm (A4)