Street Party Collab. Zine

THE UNDERGROUND STREET-ART CULTURE IN LISMORE IS AN EVER GROWING COMMUNITY, YOU CANT WALK DOWN ANY OF THE STREETS WITH-OUT SPOTTING SOMETHING NEW ON THE WALLS! The Back Alley Gallery had it’s annual Street Party & Live Painting on Saturday – if you weren’t there, where were you?! 

Ms Brown headed on down to host a bit of a free form zine workshop on the day. I invited the crowd to come sit down and make a page for a collaborative zine making extravaganza! I was so stoked to see how many people of all ages took the opportunity to sit down and get creative.

As promised, I have put together a series of ZINES from the day, there were so many pages it wasn’t going to all fit in one publication! You can download the entire series here! (PDF FILE)

Just print out on A4 paper, in colour or in black and white (depending on your printer!) and follow the instructions included in the pdf to fold your very own zines. HAVE FUN and ENJOY your awesome collaborative zines!

We LOVE them! Further proof Lismore is a amazing creative community…